Artist booking

With many years of exclusive contacts, we book Swedish as well as international artists, shows, orchestras, dance bands, piano entertainers, troubadours, magicians, guest hosts, DJs, etc…


With a convenient and well-developed web-based booking and financial system, we handle everything from contracts, logistics, billing, and accounting to recruitment and salaries or invoice handling for artists.


With our producers, we offer exclusive arrangements for show and artist production. We customize concepts for children’s activities in dance, circus acts, and singing where the children are the artists.

TWA Production AB

TWA Production AB has its headquarters in Ystad, the small picturesque town with many half-timbered houses in southern Sweden. The city is located near two international airports, Malmö/Sturup and Kastrup across the Öresund Bridge by car or train. The office at Pilgränd is only a few minutes walking distances to the train station as well as ferries that go shuttle to Poland and Bornholm. Ystad is the “Hollywood of Sweden,” famous for its international and Swedish film productions, including the renowned police investigator Wallander in which Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh plays the lead role and also other famous Swedish actors. The medieval city has one of northern Europe’s longest sandy beach with an adjacent forest filled with summer cottages, campsites, and training trails. By the beach, which extends far beyond Österlen, there are brilliant baths, cafes, eateries and high-class hotels with upscale restaurants with music entertainment and spa facilities.

TWA was founded in 1985 by Thomas Walter and reorganized into a limited company in 1995. He started his career as a musician since his early teens, and at the age of 19, he had created his dance band that was soon overbooked. When a market appeared to book other groups, he formed the basis of a combined booking and production company which he named TWA after the initials of his name.

Today, the staff consists of five employees with many years of experience in the entertainment business. The few and competent employees are the main reason for the low administrative costs and high personal service that benefits both the organizer and the artist.

Each year, the company writes more than 1,000 artist contracts that generate approximately 4,500 event occasions a year. An event can be anything from a troubadour or a bar pianist to a big band concert with both Swedish and international guest artists. The company is a booking and production company close to the organizer, artist and not least the audience. TWA is producing in large or small contexts, and at every time, customized production concepts are offered.

The company’s purpose is to meet the customer’s entertainment needs for artists of all genres. The primary task is to provide a comprehensive service for the customer, where TWA performs all logistics, payroll and invoicing of the artists. For this purpose, the company has unique customized computer systems and well-trained personnel who, on behalf of the client, do all administration between them and the artist. The current and upcoming events are linked to the computerized booking system and can be followed online here at the website.

The mission involves developing a market plan that meets the customer’s vision and budget. In consultation with the customer, TWA develops ideas for entertainment through auditions, show productions, and concerts. The concerts and shows are performed with live bands or self-produced studio recordings, that are recorded in the sister company GlenDisc Studio in Ystad. TWA works closely with the artists themselves and their managers, to always get the best artists, at the best price to please the customers and the public.

TWA manages bookings, administration, logistics and artistic production to the cruise company Viking Line. The cooperation started in 2002 by booking artists, troubadours, dance bands and self-produced shows on the Helsinki vessels. When M/S Viking Cinderella was set up in 2003 as a pleasure cruise between Stockholm and Mariehamn, TWA was commissioned to book and produce entertainment onboard also on this ship. Viking Line is today TWA’s largest customer and forms the basis of the business.

As entertainment specialists, TWA has experienced manufacturers within their parts. Besides, there are many years of collaboration with reputable external worldwide artists and show producers. With exceptional access to all kinds of high-class artists, they can be adapted to their specialties and thereby carry out a customized entertainment at both lands and sea.

TWA is an experienced booking company with good reputation and has for several decades access to skilled international and Swedish artists, well-known Swedish dance bands, party bands, jazz bands, troubadours, DJ’s, pianists, circus acts, magicians, children’s entertainment, musicians, dancers, actors, singer, show artists, educational programs for children, you name it. But it is important not to get stuck in a rut without creatively striving forward and continuously working on new ideas. TWA’s long experience of artistic productions includes a whole range of casting, costume design, music arrangements, song coaching and stage design.

TWA has a lot of experience and has for many years provided self-produced favorite concepts for families, which includes children and adults of all ages. TWA also offers sound and visual scene effects with high-quality audio and lighting equipment. This with experienced technicians who can also make professional audio and video recordings of live events from stage and audience. You can see examples of YouTube clips here on the website. There are also several clips appearances filmed by the audience.

The goal of TWA is to work exclusively with a satisfied audience as well as satisfied customers and artists who end up in long-term collaborations. It is also important to continually find innovative partners and experienced entertainers through TWA’s vast and robust network of entertainers and agencies worldwide. If you are a potential customer, artist or an audience, and have questions, do not hesitate to contact the company’s founder and CEO Thomas Walter at or phone +46 705 98 14 04.

You also get information by following this website, and you are welcome to visit any of the events you will find and can book here.

Updated May 25, 2018

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